My 10 month old son and I just love 'For the beauty of the Earth'! What a gorgeous expression of togetherness and happiness. My son loves banjo music and he always bounces around to this song with a big smile on his face. As a parent, I am gratified to know that in addition to learning to appreciate good music, my son is also getting some good messages, through music, about appreciation of nature and of each other. On of my personal favorite Lily Cat songs, 'Spotted Pony,' always brightens my day! On occasion, I will play this song in my car on the way to drop off my son at daycare just to get our day off to a bright start. The instrumental music, reminiscent of a music box or carousel, is bright and happy, making even a rainy day brighter and is sure to put a spring in your step. My son is only 10 months old, but I love to play the 'Morning Prayer Song' for him. The lyrics are beautiful, non-denominational, and can be applied to any faith, or even no faith. The simple message of doing one's best, being kind to friends and being grateful are important values every child should have from an early age. Set to wonderful harp music, I hope my son grows up loving this song as much as I do.”

— Ashley Michel, Mom and Librarian, Louisiana State University