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Lily Cat's Very Good Day is available at CDBaby, the original home of indie artists everywhere.  Free streaming preview of complete tracks at CDBaby too.  Yea!  That's new.  

 I love CDBaby!  

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Lily Cat Music for Kids: Lily Cat

Lily Cat's Very Good Day is on iTunes too (of course!)

Lily Cat's Very Good Day on Bandcamp

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Monkey Business

A fun little instrumental piece for little and big folks too.  

Star of the Country Down and All the Pretty Little Horses

I heard my son playing The Star of the Country Down on his guitar one morning.  I had forgotten about that beautiful old Irish melody.  Later, in my studio, as I was playing it on the piano, it occurred to me that it paired both musically and thematically with one of my favorite lullabies from the American South, All the Pretty Little Horses.  

So many more to come

I will be adding so many more in the weeks to come, as soon as my leg heals (I fell down and broke my knee cap) and I can get in and out of my studio again (up and down steps.)  Next up for Lily Cat Music for Kids is an album of beautiful lullabies and soothing night music.  Hope to have the album completed by January 2015.